Traffic Generation Tactics

Workshops, or more often referred to as “Business Building Workshops” are simply about getting together a group of people and discussing how to build better business. If you are marketing a product or service of any kind, guess what, you are a business owner. You should treat it as a business and in doing so you have many concepts you could discuss with fellow business owners or like-minded individuals looking to start a business.

Hosting a business workshop is all about socialization. Networking with other people who have similar interests as yourself. You can exchange new ideas with people, swap business cards with each other, and possibly even barter for products or services. Most business owners are willing to consider working with you if it also means their business benefits.

If you are a decent public speaker then yes you should. In fact, even if you are not a good public speaker you should talk about business. You are most passionate about your business, so while you could have someone else do the talking, you should be willing to get up and discuss your own ideas and techniques for building business.

If you are hosting the workshop event, make sure you include your name and website on any materials being used for the event, such as any fliers or hand-outs that were created. Make sure you exchange your business cards with other business owners. If you have presentations, such as a video to share, make sure it is branded to your name. All of these options can increase traffic to your business and your websites.

If you had a successful workshop experience and attendance was good, consider hosting another one. As you get more comfortable with discussing business topics it will show. People may come to more than one of your workshops to learn new and interesting ideas, for which you can point them to your website for additional traffic increases on a recurring basis. If you can, record the audio and video of the workshop event too. Let people download it for free from your website.