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Selling Workshop Tickets Online

Make use of social media

Any organization or business out there that is mindful of its marketing strategies has social media accounts. Ninety percent of adults aged between 18 and 60 have social media pages thus you have a large pool of potential attendees. Facebook is the most popular of the social media sites and you should use it to your advantage. In addition to the site being popular, it also provides you with a feature that allows you to create an event and invite people to attend. This plays a huge role in letting the word out about the coming event. In the event that you create ,and in your social media posts, place links to the shopping cart where the users can buy the tickets.

Make use of previous attendees

While online marketing is powerful, so is the word of mouth. If you had organized another event before, you should make use of the previous attendees to spread the word about the event. You should reward previous workshops attendees with tickets, either free or at a discount. If they were satisfied with the previous event, they will spread the word about the workshop thus attract many people to buy tickets.

Have A Refund policy

Most online shoppers want a way of getting back their money in the event something goes wrong. To instill confidence in the people that you are selling to, you should have a clear money back policy on your website. You can tell the buyers that you will get their back their money if they cancel attendance a week before the event. If the workshop is going to last for a few days, you can guarantee the attendees their money back if they attend the event on the first day and they don’t find value in it.

Make it easy for buyers to buy the tickets

If you have bought products online before, the last thing that you want to do is be taken through pages before you complete the transaction. Most people will opt out if there are more than two pages. To ensure that as many people as possible buy the tickets, you should make the buying process easy. One of the ways of doing so is making it a one click process. Also have many payment options.