Promote Business With Workshops

1. To position yourself as an expert in your field – People like to work with experts. The news media consults with experts. How do most people earn that designation? Through education and experience, certainly.

But how do people become recognized as experts? Oftentimes it’s through writing and speaking on their field of expertise.

When you lead a workshop or seminar,

people automatically see you as an expert!

2. To learn more about your customers wants and needs – It’s easy to focus so much of your time on running your business that you forget why you’re in business: to provide a product or service to your customers.

When you offer a instructional workshop or informational seminar you can find out what your customers really want or need. You can identify gaps in their understanding of your products or services. Then you can find ways to fill or close those gaps.

Seminars and workshops provide a low-cost,

informal way to update your market research!

3. To increase awareness of your business – Workshops offered through adult education centers are typically listed in a catalog that is mailed to every home in the community. Current customers, potential clients, or media people will flip through the catalog, see your workshop description and instructor’s bio (a short blurb about you and your business) and gain a new or better awareness of how you can help them. They may not take your class, but they may suggest it to a friend or colleague.

Workshop descriptions and word-of-mouth referrals

help you promote your business!