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Maintain Lean Momentum

Lean is a Dynamic System:

The thing that makes Lean different from many of the other management systems out there is that it is dynamic and adaptive by its nature. A major part of the Lean philosophy calls for a sustainable system that is self correcting and self improving. This means that the same level of attention and commitment that was shown during implementation must be maintained on an ongoing basis.

How to Improve Something that is Already Better:

The old adage ‘If it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ has no place in the Lean environment. Every task, process, policy and procedure should be under constant scrutiny to see if it can be:

  • Done better
  • Done Faster
  • Done in a different portion of the process to improve efficiency
  • Not done at all

This requires communications to and from the line. Fortunately, Lean methodologies contain systems for this purpose, simple and effective means of communications that can help identify, highlight, solve and correct problems in any segment of the operation. But sometimes, the change required is more complex than locating the tool rack on the left side of the station instead of the right. It may be addressing a major issue that fell outside the scope of the initial implementation, or investigating a suggested change that will improve the system even more.


The word Kaizen in Japanese means ‘continuous change for the better’ and is the heart of the Lean process. A Kaizen workshop can help make these changes happen, while boosting the morale of key workers in your organization.